Our Service

1. Corporate Laws

According to Companies Act of Malaysia, at least one Company Secretary shall be appointed by the company that incorporated in Malaysia, and such Company Secretary shall be a natural person, resided in Malaysia, a qualified person of any one of the prescribed professional bodies or licensed by Companies Commission of Malaysia.

KYC provide company secretarial services such as Registration of Company; Sales of established Company; Preparations of Resolutions, Forming Meeting of Directors; Preparation of Annual General Meeting for member of Company; Maintenance of Statutory Registration and Record Books; Striking off a Company and any other services relating to Company.

2. Trademark

You may notice that a successful business will always have a distinctive mark or logo to enable public or their potential customers to identify their services and products easily in this competitive market. It is a hard fact that a mark or logo could assist your business development. You might consider putting your business in a high-risk state if you do not register your mark or logo, as any other individual or corporate may use similar signs and riding off the back of the value of your logo or mark.

KYC provides full trademark registration services for individual and/or corporation in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and any other countries that available for KYC. Currently, KYC also working with few designers for logo design.

Trademark shall include a device, brand, logo, heading, label, name, signature, word, numeral or any combination of these.

Malaysia joined Paris Convention as a member for the protection of Industrial Property since 1st of January 1989, so International Classification of Goods and Services for the purpose of the registration of marks shall be implemented to registered marks in Malaysia. All such registered marks’ protectionis governing by Trade Mark Act1976 and Trade Mark Regulation 1997.

  • the name of an individual, company or firm represented in a special or particular manner;
  • the signature of the applicant for registration or of some predecessor in his business;
  • an invented word or words;
  • a word having no direct reference to the character or quality of the goods or services not being, according to its ordinary meaning, a geographical name or surname; or
  • any other distinctive mark.
  • Geographical name (For example: England, Beijing, Phuket and etc);
  • The marks that which are likely to mislead or deceive to public or contrary to the laws;
  • The mark that contain any scandalous or offensive matter;
  • Prejudicial to the interest of Security of the Nation.

Eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) months.

Ten (10) years and could be renewed for every ten (10) years.

The relationship between five (5) elements and mark.

Mark representing various characteristics in the principle of five (5) elements. The design of your mark is deciding their characteristics. A mark suit you might lead you to success in your business.


3. Business Advisory

You might need to sign a lot of documents such as sales and purchase agreement, non-disclosure agreement and any compliances before you are entering into a transaction with your supplier and/or customer, this is current practices in business field nowadays. There would be some significant risks to you if such documents are signed without knowing the exact content of it.

KYC has experience to dealt with numerous complex international trades, KYC could provide a professional business advisory; and review and revise all the relevant documents to: -

  1. Ensure your obligations are tally with the obligations of the documents you signed;
  2. Minimize the risks or obligations that should not belong to your role; and
  3. Maximize the interests in your business role.

4. Wills and Trusts

Will is one of the traditional document for a person to express his/her wishes as to how their assets is to be distributed at death. In the event of intestacy (deceased has left no valid will), the family member or next of kin might have to go through a complex legal procedure to allocate the assets of the deceased. A valid Will could save more times and prevent any unnecessary dispute in allocation of deceased’s assets.

KYC also providing the following services to Will: -

  1. Will Writing
  2. Will Custody
  3. Translation of Will from English to Chinese and vice versa

A will is legal instrument which set forth how a person to have his/her estate to be distributed and/or any other wishes to be effected after death.

I. Will maker shall be minimum 18 years old; and
II. Will maker is sanity; and
III. Will could be made in handwriting or typewriting in any language; and
IV. Will shall be duly signed by Will Maker on every page; and
V. Witnessed by at least two witnesses; and
VI. Will shall be duly signed by the said two witnesses.

I. Will would be revoked upon marriage unless clause of expectation of marriage is including in Will.
II. Will would NOT be revoked by divorce.

Will Executor shall execute the following for deceased: -
I. locate Will; and
II. make funeral arrangement if necessary; and
III. apply for grant of probate in court; and
IV. call in the assets; and
V. clear the debts and liabilities; and
VI. prepare a statement of account; and
VII. Distribute assets in accordance with Will.

Trust is an estate planning document for an individual to ensure that his assets are being protected and managed by Trustee for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries.

I. The Settlor- Person who sets up Trust
II. The Trustee- Person who manages the Trust assets
III. The Beneficiary- Person who receives benefits from Trusts

Trustee receives the engagement from the Settlor, such engagement is legally for Trustee to hold and manage the assets for the enjoyment of the beneficiaries during the trust period mutually agreed upon.