Personal Data Protection Policy

This personal data protection policy sets out how We, KYC IP and Contract Services, collect process, transfer, disclose, transfer, manage, record and store personal information and data that provided by you to us for the provision of our services, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia.

  1. Collection of personal Information
    We may collect your personal information when you communicate with us; and/or engage us to provide you with any services
  2. Disclosure of your Personal Data
    Personal information provided to us may be transferred out of Malaysia as our storage sites include, without limitation, information technology servers and back-up facilities which may be located in other jurisdictions outside of Malaysia.
  3. Consent
    By appointing us for provision of our service and/or providing us with personal information, our client’s consent shall be deemed to be given to us to collect, process, use, disclose, transfer, manage, record and store such personal information. Such consent shall be deemed to remain effective and valid until we are in receipt of your written instruction for otherwise.
  4. Miscellaneous
    We shall use our reasonable effort to ensure all the personal information from our client has been and will be kept safely. We remain an absolute right to update and/or revise all the terms at any time without any prior notice to our clients.
  5. Contacting Us
    If you have any concern relating to the use or disclosure of your Personal Data, of if you wish to know more about our data protection policies and practices, please contact us via email at