After some years of corporate and intellectual property practice in few multinational companies, Kow Yip Chang established KYC IP and Contract Services in 2017, a firm that mainly specialize in the registration and protection of trademark, industrial design and copyright locally and abroad; and full range of company secretarial services in Malaysia.

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The laws that might deeply involve to your business and company.

Case Studies


McCurry vs. McDonald’s

Case Study - Malaysia: McCurry vs McDonald’s: Passing Off, the Common Law and Procrustean Beds.

For Mr. Suppiah, the troubles began in 1999. He runs a local mom-and-pop roadside diner in Kuala Lumpur that sells Malay and South Indian food, such as roti canai, curries and nasi briyani. His staff does not wear uniforms, and his restaurant is cooled by ceiling fans, not air conditioning. He called his restaurant McCurry, which, he claims, was an abbreviation for Malaysian Chicken Curry.


Crocodile tears end logo fight

Case Study - Crocodile tears end logo fight

HONG KONG, China (CNN) -- In the river crocodiles will fight each other for supremacy. In business it's much the same.

Now, two of the world's largest crocodiles have called a truce in an historic battle that's lasted nearly a quarter of a century.

French fashion giant Lacoste and a Hong Kong sportswear company called Crocodile Garments nearly tore each apart in a bitter trademark dispute.

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